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Junior Members Area

This section is specifically for the younger members.

Shortly after joining you should have been sent two things - a Pylon Appreciation Society badge, and an A4 poster, Parts of a Pylon. Please allow 28 days for delivery.

If you'd like to look at the poster again, it's available here, on this webpage.

Send us your comments

Feel free to send in your comments and as many as possible will be published here.

Here are some of your comments so far (when there are more, they will go on their own page):

From Kieran Hancock
I am 12 years old and i am interested in pylons and substations. Everyone thinks it geeky and nerdy but i dont really care what they say. This is a brilliant site and Thanks. The poster and badge is great.

From Oliver Thomas
I am 4 and a half years old and very much enjoy the different pylons around the country. My mother is very kind in supporting me in my interest. Thank you for a brilliant site. Very enjoyable.

From Sam Williamson
I'm 14 and live in Preston, Lancashire, and I've been fascinated by pylons all my life. After researching for a technology project, I discovered The Gorge and the PAS. They really sparked my interest in the beautiful and underated metal giants once again, and I've learned a lot more about them. It's great to be a member of the PAS, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only pylon fan!

Interesting Links

Our recommended link is Fusebox which contains electricity related information and activities.

Other links can be found in the Junior section of the resources page.


Why not learn how to draw a pylon... Or try our tricky wordsearch.

Have fun with electricity

If you are aged 8 or over, you might be interested in the Enviro Battery kit. Make a battery using water and make the pylon light up! You can also make a potato-powered clock and other activities. Cost approximately £10 plus postage.

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