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Details of where the Society and its founder Flash Wilson Bristow are in the media.

If you would like to interview someone about the Society please call Flash on 07939 579090 or email

2014 updates coming soon! Including an article in the Times.

September 2011
BBC Shropshire: Pylons

August 2011
BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine: Pylons
BBC Radio 4 Today: Pylons vs undergrounding
BBC Bristol: Pylons in the West
BBC Somerset: Pylons
BBC Coventry and Warwickshire: Pylon Appreciation

May 2011
BBC1 Breakfast - Pylon Appreciation [Click to view]
Sky News - Pylon Appreciation [Click to view]
BBC 5 Live Drive: Pylon Appreciation
BBC Coventry and Warwickshire: Pylon Appreciation
BBC Shropshire: Pylon Appreciation
BBC Radio WM: Pylon Appreciation

October 2010
BBC Radio Lincolnshire: Pylon Appreciation

August 2009
The Sunday Post: The Honest Truth

July 2009
Ireland 4FM Lunchtime show: Pylon Appreciation

June 2009
Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation - National Radio 2 Nathan Morley show
BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Drivetime: Pylon Appreciation Society
BBC Radio Three Counties 9 O'Clock Show: Pylon Appreciation Society

April 2009
Alain de Botton's latest book, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work includes a chapter on Electricity Transmission which mentions the Pylon Appreciation Society. (Regrettably, many of the facts are inaccurate - not our fault!)

March 2009
The Guardian: The gaunt, skeletal beauty of pylons [Click to view article]

July 2008
Chat Magazine: how Flash got into pylons [Click to view article]
BBC Radio Northampton Drivetime: Desert Island Dishes

June 2008
BBC Countryfile: Pylon Appreciation [Click to view video]

May 2008
BBC The One Show: Pylon Appreciation [Click to view video]
BBC Radio WM Ed Doolan: Pylon Appreciation

December 2007
BBC Radio Three Counties Toby Friedner: Pylon Appreciation

October 2005
The Oldie (Anorak Column): Pylon Appreciation [Click to view article]

December 2003
Jack Magazine: The Secret Life of the Electricity Pylon

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