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When you become a member, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Members Badge, Welcome Card and Mini Cards
    All members are sent an A5 card containing their website login details, a badge and three mini cards.

  • 10 x 8 print
    All members are sent a professional print, "Parts of an electricity pylon".

  • British Electricity Pylons - a field guide
    A new, detailed guide featuring all the standard designs and released in installments. This replaces the older "spotter's guide" which is still available for download.

  • Information / resources
    You will have access to an archive of past questions and answers about pylons.

    There is a resources page offering links to articles, videos and other features relating to pylons and transmission.

    There's a step by step description (with images) of how the Kincardine river crossing pylons were erected.

    Finally there is a messageboard for you to exchange information and questions with other members.

  • Junior members
    Junior members (school age) have their own page in the members area where their comments are printed, there are activities and links, and other information. If you are joining on behalf of your child, please add their age to the name when purchasing.
Now you know what the benefits are, visit our shop to join up!

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