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Everything is 20% cheaper than non-member prices.

Just click on an item to stick it in your shopping basket - as you add items you will have the choice to continue shopping or go to the checkout. All prices include postage.

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Life Membership
Give a friend the gift of membership! They will receive the pack shown (A4 "parts of a pylon" print, A5 photo card, badge and minicards) as well as a login to the Members section where they can download the guide to UK pylons, go on the messageboard, get 20% off in our shop, and much more!


Please complete the recipient's details. We need their name, and if you want it posted directly to them then we will need their address as well, otherwise it will be sent to you. If buying for a child, please put their age directly after their name.
Recipient's name
Recipient's address
(if you want it posted to them directly)

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Minicards - 10
Ten collectable minicards which each feature either a tower or a closeup. Will you give them to your friends or collect the set? 25 different images available. (Each set will contain 10 different images, but there may be some duplicates between multiple sets.) Each card measures 7 x 2.8cm.


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Fridge Magnets - 2
Two fridge magnets made from minicards. One will have a tower on it, and one will feature a closeup. The magnets can be bent slightly if your fridge is curved - or stick them in other places like a radiator! Note: they are finished in matt laminate, so a small splash can be wiped off but don't let water soak in. Clean them with a dry cloth. There are 25 images to collect in total.


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A replacement Pylon Appreciation Society badge. They come in white, pastel blue and pastel green - if you order more than one we will send a selection of colours.


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Professional Prints
Prints from Flash Bristow's exhibition of pylon images.
You can view all the photos in the exhibition pages.


Close ups
12 x 12" matt print
10 x 15" matt print
10 x 15" matt print
Fitting In
10 x 15" matt print

Are there any items you'd like to see which aren't on offer? Just email and let us know!

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